What does Vif mean?

Vif translates from French to mean “vivid” or “vibrant”, which I think perfectly represents the holistic health community. No other profession is as compassionate or giving as ours, and certainly not as colourful or diverse as ours! On my journey I have met the most beautiful and interesting people, and I wanted a service that reflects that.

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About Vif


It’s no surprise that the world is getting sicker, fatter, and more chronically ill each year. Despite the billions and trillions of dollars spent on “health” care we’re still sicker than ever with unprecedented rises in cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity, heart disease, obesity, and more. It’s my belief that we’re on the cusp of a health revolution, though. Soon more people will seek alternative therapies to reverse their lifestyle mistakes instead of just masking the symptoms with drugs. Holistic health modalities are the only way we’re going to see a more vibrant population in our lifetime.

Despite the fact that holistic health practitioners are our future, I know you’re taught next to nothing about running a successful business. Many of you are working tirelessly and still not making ends meet. The worst thing that can happen to you is for you to burn out from working too hard, or for you to quit because you can’t make it work. In both scenarios it means one less person serving our community. We simply can’t afford to let that happen. We need you at your best.

So that’s why I think that your healing skills matched with my business skills will make the perfect team. I see myself as your enabler. The more you can nurture yourself and your business, the more people you will be able to help without losing your passion. I see the holistic health industry leading the charge, but you can’t do it if you’re exhausted, burnt out, short on time, or completely unknown. Believe me. By getting your name out there and raising your business profile, you add another soldier to the charge.

Most of us get our business advice from the internet or books these days, but that involves a whole lot of time, searching, and trial and error. Also, it’s really unspecific to the holistic health industry. You also have to build your own plan from scratch, or hire someone to help you. That strategy doesn’t give you the whole picture, and you miss out on important pieces of the puzzle while getting overwhelmed in other areas.

Vif is designed as a toolbox for practitioners with everything you need to know, exactly when you need to know it. There is no fluff because I know you don’t have time to wade through it all. You have better things to do! My teaching style is direct and to the point so you can get straight to implementing your plan. And each Vif strategy is adaptable to your unique business, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution like many other programs.

Why Vif?

I created Vif because, like you, I want to help as many people as possible, but I do that by helping practitioners so you can help the masses. I want you to succeed with all of my heart, so I’ll give you all of the necessary tools to make it happen.
My vision is to grow the holistic health industry exponentially so that you all have waitlisted practices. I know what it’s like to have to grow a practice and to be confused by all of the options and priorities, and I don’t wish that upon anyone.

Stephanie Wasylyk


I absolutely love being a business coach, and the results I get with clients are extremely rewarding. To get to where I am, though, certainly came with some bumps and learning experiences.

By Sept. 2013 I had stretched myself to my limits and completely burned out. I was balancing too many commitments, my health suffered, and I had stopped focusing on my real goals in my business. I was trying to do everything myself, saying yes to every opportunity, and consequently saying no to my own priorities. My breaking point was when I was asked to do a presentation at a chiropractic conference with 3 days notice because one of the speakers was ill. It was an excellent opportunity, and something I had been wanting to do, but it was a lot of pressure. On the day of the presentation my partner and I also got some scary family news which was the last straw. I pushed through the day and in the following weeks I kept on working as usual, but during that time I started realizing that I was not feeling the same or performing very well at all. At my lowest point, in a heap on the floor sobbing uncontrollably, I made a commitment to evaluate my priorities and goals, cut out anything that didn’t align with my vision, and focus on only 3 things: my business, my health, and my personal life.

I relied heavily on my naturopath during that time to help me recover physically from the burnout. She was so kind and gentle on me when I was being hard on myself and getting frustrated. We took it slow, and over 6 months she gradually helped me back to my natural state again. Of course eating well, cutting back on commitments, and getting regular chiropractic care helped too, but I couldn’t have done it without her.

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